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From IvanLatysh <i...@yourmail.com>
Subject Re: Removing Items
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 16:57:52 GMT
Alexandru Popescu ☀ wrote:

> Well, if I am the only one making efforts to understand others view
> points, then this discussion is useless :-(.
I felt the same ...

> As a matter of fact, I've been designing APIs for quite a few years,
> and I can guarantee you that setValue() should always have different
> semantics than remove() (they are different at language level; and if
> you check different API you'll see that almost everywhere this
> difference is kept).

2 All:
I believe many agree with me that people who participate in this discussion are 
far not amateurs, most of us experienced senior developers, architects, .. etc 
and it is not the first project or spec for us, so why to waste out time by 
denying something that majority agreed with ?

For instance, I took my time to offer a feedback instead of begin work on 
implementation independent JCR Backup/Restore tool that we will make available 
for everybody as open source project.

Also I have seen a few real-life use-cases and meaningful explanations 
supporting the idea that setting value to null is not the same as removing it 
and null is a value.

But I haven't seen anything to support current implementation !

Ivan Latysh

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