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From IvanLatysh <i...@yourmail.com>
Subject Re: Isolation level inconsistency.
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 16:18:35 GMT
Jukka Zitting wrote:

> Also, I still don't think there are real use cases for the opposite
> requirement, i.e. having transient changes visible in search.
For me it looks like members of this list assume that we are on the webapp or 
client-server architecture where transactions are short.

Let's move to a swing application. Embedded JCR 1 session for entire 
application, long lasting transactions (2+ hours, lunch,...,coffe,...,meeting)

And here is a real-life use cases.

Imagine you are creating/editing a document where you need to add a contact and 
happened that contact is not there so you add the contact, but you can't save it 
yet because you are creating/editing a document, but you need to look-up this 
contact to add to the document, so you run a query ...

Or other use-case. Editing complex document that assembled from 3-5 
sub-documents that are represented in a list. Now when you detached a 
sub-document you may re-run query but detached document still there ...

And so on.

You will see ton's use-cases as soon you start thinking about long transactions.

Ivan Latysh

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