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From "Vikas Bhatia" <vik...@gmail.com>
Subject How are developers using jackrabbit
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 16:20:08 GMT
We are concerned regarding Jackrabbit and its ability to handle really
heavy load requirements. We are looking to use jackrabbit to push
approximately 300-500 nodes a minute ranging to 100K nodes a day. The
live repository could easily go to be a few terabytes all using a
single workspace.

We wanted to ask the community how is jackrabbit actually being used
in production environments. So here is a email poll if you will.

. How much of data are you pushing into jackrabbit at a time?

. Are you using burst modes or continuous data feed?

. What is the biggest repository (in size) that you have used or heard
of being used with jackrabbit?

. Are you satisfied with the response times of your queries?

. Have you restrained having more that 10K child nodes per node?

. What caching mechanism are you using? Are you modifying the default
caching that comes with jackrabbit?

. Are you using the default data store mechanisms such as file PMs and
db PMs or have you built a custom PM or used one from Day systems?

I hope these answers would help us and the community on the whole.


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