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From "harvey waters" <harvey.wat...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: DM Rule #3: Workspaces are for corresponding nodes.
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 12:10:12 GMT
I was thinking of it in a slightly different way. I could use the audit work
space to store the corresponding audit node in (which has the same uuid as
the node in the data workspace which holds the actual data) as opposed to
simply stuffing the audit trail in a 'bucket' .  The corresponding node
would have a number of child nodes which would be the actual record of an

I guess I'm trying to sperate the two aspects of the node because the audit
trail would never be included with the searches in the 'data' workspace and
I have a nagging doubt that the audit trail (which could become huge) could
effect the performance of the 'data' workspace.

In the perfect world though I know I would store the audit trail with the
actual node so that I could just use node.getAuditTrail()  or have you guys
already included that in jsr283 :)

On 7/10/07, David Nuescheler <david.nuescheler@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Harvey,
> > So an 'audit log' would be a good reason to setup a new workspace. We're
> > thinking here that the audit log is a different perspective (or perhaps
> > aspect) of the node in the main 'data workspace'.
> I don't think that generally speaking an audit log for a "main data"
> workspace
> would benefit from an individual workspace. Segmenting by "content type"
> generally is not a good usecase for workspaces.
> "Corresponding nodes" (as specified in the JCR spec) are essentially
> nodes with the same UUID in different workspaces, not nodes that
> are related to each other.
> I would not expect any "corresponding nodes" in an audit log, but may
> I am overlooking something here.
> Personally, I would recommend to have a "/myapp/auditlog" node in the
> "main data"
> workspace to record all the information there.
> > Is it possible to get a session to write to two workspaces within a
> > transaction, surely this must be possible as versioning occurs within a
> > transaction ?
> Versioning is a little bit different since it is handled inside the
> repository.
> It would be possible to have two sessions, and enroll both into the
> same XA transaction. However, for the audit log application I would really
> recommend to keep it simple and store the information in the same
> workspace unless there is a good reason not to do that.
> regards,
> david

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