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From "Marcel Reutegger" <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Issue using jcr:like with Jackrabbit 1.3
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 08:41:10 GMT
I ran a quick test on my jackrabbit svn checkout and all your queries returned the correct
result. are you able to reproduce the behaviour in a simple test case?

you can also re-index the workspace and see if the problem persists.


> I'm trying to do wildcard searches against my repository, but I'm
> getting odd results from the system.
> In my repository, I have one node with an attribute @test which has the
> value 'Test', and all my searches are with XPath.
> //*[@test='Test'] returns 1 result.
> //*[jcr:contains(.,'Test') returns several results (because other things
> say 'Test' in other attributes), including my one node.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'Test') returns 1 result.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'Test%') returns 1 result.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'%Test%') returns 0 results.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'%Tes%') returns 0 results.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'Tes%') returns 0 results.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'%s%') returns 0 results.
> //*[jcr:like(@test,'%') returns every node in the repository.
> Anyone have any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> --Nick Allmaker

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