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From Bob Kerfoot <bkerf...@dearborn.com>
Subject Re: Versioned binary files stored as deltas rather than as exact copies of files?
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2007 00:07:05 GMT

Tobias Bocanegra <tobias.bocanegra <at> day.com> writes:

> hi,
> currently there are not plans of implementing a smarter storing of
> versioned content.

Do you know whether there is currently delta based versioning for 
files of any kind in jackrabbit? Specifically, can text files and/or
any other non-binary file types be versioned as deltas in jackrabbit?
If not, might there be any plans to introduce this delta based 
versioning for text or other non-binary file types in the future?

> but we're thinking of an alternative way of storing blobs so
> that every unique blob only gets stored once. so if the binary data
> does not change from version to version, it would only get stored
> once.

Am I correct in understanding that this alternative way way of
storing blobs does not use deltas but rather just maintains a single 
copy of each unique blob and then uses pointer(s) to reference that 
single unique copy if a duplicate binary version of the file is 
entered into the repository?

> regards, toby

Thanks again for your time.
Bob Kerfoot

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