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From Herman Reintke <hrein...@tauri.nl>
Subject jcr-taglib status
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 13:04:10 GMT

I am getting a start with Jackrabbit and like to use a taglib to create the
webpages for it. There is a jcr-taglib in the contrib tree of Jackrabbit.

I started compiling but had to update the pom.xml to change dependency of
jackrabbitcore from 1.1-snapshot to 1.3, and don't think the build created the
tld file. 

Before doing a lot of work and finding out I am working on an old/outdated/not
working version :

- Is anyone using jcr-taglib ?
- Should the version in trunk/contrib be working correctly with Jackrabbit 1.3 ?
- I used mvn install to compile the taglib, is that correct ?
- Do I need any other components to get the taglib to work ?

Kind regards,

Herman Reintke

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