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From "Felix Meschberger" <Felix.Meschber...@day.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit In Low Memory Situations
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2007 05:19:02 GMT
Hi Adrian,

The first situation is due to the implementation of transient items (items
created, modfied, deleted but not saved yet) and has been discussed multiple
times on this list. You can help yourself by importing the data in smaller
junks to limit the number of transient items.

The second situation is probably somewhat harder to come by. For one, it
depends on the persistence manager you are using. If you happen to use e.g.
derby or hsql some memory is used by their internal caching. So you will
have to check the respective persistence manager configuration to limit that
caching. BTW: this caching is not of a big use anyway, as Jackrabbit has
internal caching, which is more likely to match the use case of the
Jackrabbit application.

In addition as I said, Jackrabbit has internal caching, which is probably -
not sure actually, but I think I remember having read something like that -
also configurable to a certain extent. Maybe Stephan or Thomas Müller might
jump in here.

Hope this helps a bit


On 6/26/07, Adrian Sutton <adrian@symphonious.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've developed a web app that's using Jackrabbit as it's content
> repository and need to deploy it into an environment with quite
> limited memory and are seeing a couple of problems:
> * When adding a large amount of data to the repository (via a series
> of write operations, not a JCR import as the existing data isn't in a
> JCR repository), we encounter an out of memory exception. If we do
> the import with an increased amount of RAM (128M) the import goes
> through correctly and we can then restart and run the web app in 64M
> of RAM without further problems.
> * When running in limited RAM, we're finding the web app runs quite
> slowly - more so than any other web apps (with very similar
> functionality) on the same server.
> We obviously will need to do a fair bit of profiling work and
> determine particular bottlenecks etc, however with the limited
> knowledge of Jackrabbit that we have at this stage, it's a difficult
> task. Are there particular configuration options we should
> investigate that may help? At the moment we're using the default
> configuration which is unlikely to be ideal.
> Vague pointers and general hand waving type answers are welcome (as
> are silver bullets but they're harder to come by).
> Thanks in advance,
> Adrian Sutton
> http://www.symphonious.net

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