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From Frédéric Esnault <f...@legisway.com>
Subject RE: [JCR Controller] First Release
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 06:21:13 GMT

>I think I know what you mean.... the current v0.6 version a small step has
>been made towards that direction.
>When you select a REFERENCE property you seen it's path and there is also a
>"Goto" button which will select the referenced node..... well.... there is
>still an issue with the automatic tree expansion, so you probably will see
>some strange "gaps".
>The multi-value properties (and references) are next on the list.

You understood me perfectly ;)

I'm glad to hear you already planned something to follow references to open referenced nodes.
I think a "double click" option instead of the "Go to" button would be just a bit more natural
way of following the reference, but this is your choice ;)
Anyway, when source is released, I'll be glad to implement this if it's not there already.

Thanks for your work !

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