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From Matt Carrier <matt.carr...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: JCR to WebDav adapter
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2007 14:26:07 GMT
Angela, thanks for the quick response!

Let me see if I can grasp the concept of the SPI.

The SPI contribution contains two things:
1) A JCR implementation that handles transient storage (I didn't see 
this in the code base, but I did see a jcr2spi and a spi2jcr)
2) A SPI implementation that handles the persistence of that storage

       I'm guessing on save in session.

Here are a few Questions:
1) Does anyone have any information on the spi2dav contribution?  Or 
know of anyone that I could ask about that contribution (Julian?)?
2) Are there any javadocs for the SPI?


Angela Schreiber wrote:

> hi matt
> as far as jackrabbit is concerned no JCR to WebDav adapter
> exists.
> however, the jackrabbit SPI contribution provides a JCR
> implementation that covers the transient space and leaves
> the persistence layer to the SPI implementation.
> i assume that building a SPI implementation that connects
> to a dav-server should be feasible with reasonable effort.
> if i'm not mistaken julian is working on a similar thing...
> kind regards
> angela
> Matt Carrier wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone has heard of a JCR to WebDav adapter.  I 
>> know that jackrabbit has a JCRWebDavServer which allows remoting of 
>> JCR calls into Jackrabbit.  But I am looking for a single adapter 
>> that would map JCR into appropriate WebDav protocol.
>> If this adapter was created then this adapter would provide JCR 
>> access into all repositories with a WebDav Server.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Matt Carrier

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