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From Steve <st...@shopformat.com>
Subject Session logout()
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 22:27:24 GMT
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<font size="-1"><font face="Tahoma">I was just looking at the
JackrabbitOnJBoss page of the Wiki:<br>
<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/JackrabbitOnJBoss">http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/JackrabbitOnJBoss</a><br>
In the "Access the repository from a session bean" examples, is there
any reason why logout() is not called on the Session? I'm fairly new to
Jackrabbit but from scanning the mailing list and API, logout() should
be called whenever the session is no longer in use.<br>
The reason I ask is that I'm trying to get Jackrabbit running on JBoss
but I'm having trouble with transactions. If I follow the example and
leave logout() out it works, but each time the method is called it
seems that the old session is closed by JBoss before the new one is
22:17:48,468 WARN&nbsp; [JBossManagedConnectionPool] Destroying connection
that could not be successfully matched:
mc=org.apache.jackrabbit.jca.JCAManagedConnection@bad094 handles=0
lastUse=1181773068421 permit=false trackByTx=false
22:17:48,921 INFO&nbsp; [jcr/local] Created session
If I include logout(), it works fine the first time then has trouble
the next time it tries to get a new session. I get a </font></font><font
 size="-1"><font face="Tahoma">"Resource already associated with a
transaction" error message from </font></font><font size="-1"><font
 face="Tahoma">from XASessionImpl.</font></font><br>
<font size="-1"><font face="Tahoma"><br>
Any ideas as to what's happening here?<br>

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