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From "Juerg Meier" <jme...@ctp.com>
Subject Mixin type problem?
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 20:51:05 GMT

I've been working with Jackrabbit for some time now (with storage on the file system), but
I don't know what's wrong in the following case.

I have the following situation (CND):

[td:place] > nt:base,mix:versionable,td:sourceable
-td:refId (string)

[td:sourceable] > mix:versionable
-td:source (reference)

[td:source] > nt:base,mix:versionable
-td:refId (string) 

Here's the code fragment that adds nodes of type td:source to td:place (n):

                                    for (Source source : dto.getSources())
	    		Node sourceNode = getSession().getNodeByUUID(source.getId());
	    		n.setProperty("td:source", sourceNode);

The place-node gets added without exception. However, if I want to retrieve it, it does not
appear. It also does not show up in tools such as JcrConverter. And if I try to delete node
n, the following exception appears:

    class javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException
    no matching property definition found for {http://mydomain.com/ns/td}source

That's all. As mentioned, I have no clue what goes wrong here, perhaps, and would highly appreciate
any hint.

Cambridge Technology Partners, Zurich

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