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From Luca Fiscato <luca.fisc...@eng.it>
Subject Database Persistence Backup
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 11:40:33 GMT
Hi all,

I configured jackrabbit to store all the contents (data, version, index 
...) into a database (oracle, mysql, and postgres) and it works fine.
The problem occur when I try to migrate the data from a database to 
another one (also if the database vendor is the same).
When I try to connect to the new database jackrabbit throws an exception 
like 'Duplicate key entry ....' and it doesn't work.
For example: I have all my jackrabbit data into a mysql server 1 and  I  
migrate all the data to the mysql server 2, then, when I try to connect 
to the new database I have an exception.
I know that a backup tool exists but it's easier to migrate the database.
Anyone knows the problem ?
It's an architectural choice or a bug ?

P.S.  using file system for persistence and changing the location of the 
repository folder jackrabbit continues to work, I think it should act in 
the same way also if  I change the database repository.


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