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From Phillip Rhodes <spamsu...@rhoderunner.com>
Subject how can i speed up nodeiterator?
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 19:02:05 GMT
I now have jackrabbit in production, and things seem okay for most users.  

The only problem I am having is when some users have more than 200 images, it's very very
I am doing an xpath query, and looping through the results to obtain the image content (not
the bytes, but just properties)

In my search of the archives, I found a respectDocumentOrder, but this does not seem to improve
  <param name="respectDocumentOrder" value="false"/>

I was hoping for some additional ideas on how I can improve performance of the NodeIterator.
 I am using the org.apache.jackrabbit.core.state.db.OraclePersistenceManager, if that matters.

Later, when things are stabilized further, I will send out a link with info for this very
public application.  We have 22k registered users and they are going to be promoting it via
banners, etc... in the coming months.  


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