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From Nicolas Modrzyk <nicolas.modr...@macnica.com>
Subject xpath question (bug, specs, ask for help)
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 08:17:33 GMT
Hi All,

Say I have the following two queries:
short_query_1 = "//ja/PressRelease/avs222"
short_query_2 = "//ja/PressRelease/2005report1"

The first one returns a result. (or not depending if nodes are  
present ...)

The second throws the followingexception:
  : Encountered "return" at line 1, column 40.
Was expecting one of:
     <IntegerLiteral> ...
     <DecimalLiteral> ...
     <DoubleLiteral> ...

The path containing a name within the path starting with an integer  
is causing troubles. I can reproduce this reliably.

Did I miss something in the XPath specs that said I should have path  
names with the problematic pattern ?
Or is this a bug ? (My side, jackrabbit side, configuration ...)

Thank you in advance for any pointers,


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