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From Christoph Kiehl <christ...@sulu3000.de>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit New User Qs about Capabilities/Practices
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 16:43:13 GMT
spencer.c wrote:

> 1)  Are JCRs typically used as the sole persistence mechanism in an
> application, or used along side a traditional DBMS?  The primary feature in
> my application manages files and as such seems like a good match for the JCR
> format, which will handle much of the heavy lifting for me.  On the other
> hand, trying to store some of the information in the JCR just doesn't seem
> to fit right, like logging events or storing workflow information.  I guess
> my question boils down to, do I feel this way because I'm still unfamiliar
> with using a JCR, or is it a legitimate feeling and I should plan on using
> another DBMS in addition to Jackrabbit for managing the info?

Well, if I your applications focus is on reading data and you don't need to 
quickly aggregate data (like SQLs "group by", "avg", "sum", etc) I would put my 
whole data into a JCR. If you need high performance concurrent write/read 
operations Jackrabbit might not be the best choice as of now.
In your described scenario I would definitely store workflow information in the 
JCR. If you expect a lot of event to be written I would probably store that 
information in a separate storage (db, filesystem ...).
Before deciding I would do a benchmark with some real data. If possible I would 
stick with JCR to keep your application architecture uniformly.

> 2)  I have had a hard time finding realistic permission examples for
> Jackrabbit.  The examples I have found demo how to use simple credentials
> and log in, but I need to handle things like per directory permissions for
> users and groups.  Is there some documentation that would help speed up my
> learning curve?  Specifically dealing with per directory permissions and
> permissions that change during the lifecycle of a file for groups of users.

Have a look at 
All you need to do is implement this interface to build your own access control 
mechanism. You can configure Jackrabbit to use your access manager in the 


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