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From "Jeremy Volkman" <jvolk...@gmail.com>
Subject Backing up a repository
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 20:27:23 GMT
Hi all,

We're currently using Jackrabbit as the store for our internal CMS,
and I'm looking for a way to perform nightly backups on our
repository.  We're currently using the DerbyPersistenceManager for
both versions and workspaces.  Does Jackrabbit have any built-in
functionality for performing backups, or should I simply make a copy
of the repository directory?  In the latter case, do I have to
shutdown the repository before doing so?  Optimally I'd be able to
lock the repository and make a backup, having subsequent writes to the
repository simply block.

I've looked at the contributed BackupTool, but it seems to be
developed against Jackrabbit 1.1, and we're currently using 1.2.3 (and
may move to 1.3).

Jeremy Volkman

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