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From "Jon Walker" <jwal...@shokker.net>
Subject Repository locking with clustering
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 22:42:10 GMT
I have been playing around with Jackrabbit 1.3 trying to get a feeling for 
the functionality as research for a project I'm working on. We are looking 
to wrap the Jackrabbit functionality into webservices so we can provide 
the repository functionality to multiple applications on multiple 
servers, without using the (admittedly slow) RMI.  We 
also want the webservices to be on redundant servers to prevent a single 
point of failure.

I've been looking at the clustering feature that was added in, but am 
having trouble with the locking.  I have 2 Model 1 deployments set up 
using clustering (each with a unique ID).  Through shared drives, they are 
accessing the same repository location (unique configurations for the 
clustering) and I have SimpleDBPersistence to SQL Server for persistence.

On first access to each instance, the webservices attempt to start the 
repository.  The first server to be hit will create a Repository instance 
and create the .lock file in the repository's home directory.  When the 
other server gets hit and attempts to start the repository, it throws an 
exception saying "The repository home at [path] appears to be in use since 
the file at [path]/.lock is locked by another process."

Is what I'm trying to do possible?  Do I have something wrong in my 
configuration that I need to check?

Thanks for your help,


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