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From "Steve Toback" <tob...@apache.org>
Subject Help moving from RDBMS to JCR (Lokahi)
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 11:21:58 GMT
Hello all,

First, some background info.  The Lokahi project is a currently
incubating project that is a management application currently for
httpd and tomcat.  Currently the data store is ~50 tables.  I'd like
to move this to a JCR model.  There are 21 tables worth of objects
that I am primerialy concerned about.  The framework allows for
expansion with other application servers than the two currently
supported.  A good overview of the data model is here:

Each module has a similar data structure, to use tomcat as an example:
Entity - Pool - worker - server
Context - tomcat pool - tomcatworker (jvm) - tomcat

This allows templating of actual application servers, and manipulation
of multiple application servers at the same time.

The problem I am having is how to arrange the tree.  Some basics of
the core objects:

Project - collection of module's entities.
Environment - a user defined tag.
Instance - A tag that the application uses to assign hardware to a controller.
Hardware - only object that has both the instance and environment tags.

Jobpool - an individual change of the system - for example if I add a
new server - or manipulate a config a jobpool is created.  The plan is
to link a jobpool directly to a revision within JCR.
Job - individual task that Lokahi needs to perform to accomplish the
user requested change.

Module Entity - individual configuration unit - tagged by environment,
must be contained in at least one project.
Module pool - collection of module workers - tagged by environment
Module worker - individual application server can belong to multiple
pools- tagged by environment
Module server - template for application servers

There's the typical user & permissions - however that's easier to
bring into a defined tree model.

Here's my thoughts so far:


Thoughts / Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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