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From "Stefan Kurla" <stefan.ku...@gmail.com>
Subject Question on creating RSS feeds
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 20:34:52 GMT
I would like to create RSS feeds and email notifications for my
project. I have seen it in action on infoQ (a site that I particularly
like, before I learnt that it was built on jackrabbit).

There is the observation mechanism in Jackrabbit that consists of
creating event listeners on node paths or the workspace in general and
these event listeners are created on node add and other events.

In my case, I expect people to want to listen to events raised on
documents being added to the repository in general. Also, I expect
users to want to be aware of changes being made to their subtrees.
They could be notified by RSS or email. Now I have not worked on
either observation or creating an RSS feed so this is kind of chicken
and egg for me. Might be really obvious to someone else.

I believe that if I have 100 users and each of them listen to 10
different node paths each, I have a lot of listening for events going
on. Would that adversly effect the repository in terms of performance
and constant event processing. I guess is the approach of listening
for events and processing events as they are raised the right way to

Am looking for inputs and suggestions.


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