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From "Dominique Pfister" <dominique.pfis...@day.com>
Subject Re: Clustering documentation
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 19:19:57 GMT
Hi Julian,

On 5/7/07, Julian <cerebro70@yahoo.com> wrote:
> There was a statement made in this thread about Jackrabbit requiring
> complete control over the database connection.  Does this mean that
> a JNDI connection cannot be used for clustering.

Sorry, I was not precise. By "complete" control, I meant that the
database connection - either acquired through JDBC DriverManager calls
or via JNDI datasource - must not be manipulated by some other
component outside Jackrabbit. For instance, rolling back some change
that Jackrabbit's PersistenceManager thinks has already been committed
to the database will render inconsistent Jackrabbit's in-memory

> that the BLOBs be stored in the database for a cluster (not looking to
> start a flame about BLOBs in a database vs. on the FS, but some
> may prefer FS)?  I don't mean to threadjack, but this seems relevant
> to the subject.

There is some other thread on the developer list focusing on this subject:


Kind regards

> Thanks, Julian
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