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From Porter Woodward <pwoodw...@practicable.net>
Subject First Hops?
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 01:11:33 GMT
Hey all -

I'm considering some first hops with Jackrabbit and am slightly stymied.


Still references Jackrabbit 1.0 - and the project is onto release 1.3;  
it also references several dependencies - and the downloads page is no 
longer clear as to which jar files would be required to get a basic 
repository application up and running.  Just curious if any one has a 
quick guide as to what needs to be downloaded and put onto the class 
path in order to fire up a little test project.

Obviously, Jackrabbit is an implementation of the JCR API.  Other than a 
classic content repository, has any thought been given to alternative 
uses of the API?  Say one was to use it to back an email client?  Would 
it be appropriate, and have acceptable performance characteristics for 
those of us who never delete anything that isn't spam?  What about using 
it to store a persistent, but dynamic game world?  Would it work for a 
single player on a local system?  What about for multiple players on a 
shared system?

Inquiring minds want to know.  Other than the classic Plone / Magnolia 
Content Repository type applications - how applicable is the JCR API 
(and thence Jackrabbit) to other sorts of domains?

- Porter

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