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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Accessing Custom Node types through WebDav interface
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 06:47:16 GMT
hi sudhan

maybe your question has been aswered before (see thread "Creating custom 
node types through WebDAV"). in this case ignore.

> I am using jackrabbit using RMI interface such that any WebDav client can
> access the repository contents. Now due to some architecture changes I had
> to add Custom Node types during repository start-up, which are extending
> nt:file and nt:unstructured. Now my problem is that initially when using
> standard node types such as nt:file and nt:resource i was able to access and
> modify using DavExplorer and other tools which use WebDav Interface.
> But since i had extended those node types with my custom node types, i am
> unable to access them through any of my WebDav Clients. 

do you mean unable to access the webDAV resources represented by
your custom nodetypes? or do you mean 'access the custom nodetypes'?

in the latter case, i don't know how that should have worked before.
as far as i know nodetypes are not mapped as nodes, are they?

in the first case (access the webDAV resources) i could imagine
that the sequence of IOHandlers defined in the config.xml does not
contain one that matches your requirements.... but that's only
an assumption. if none of the handlers is responsible for 
exporting/importing the given node represented as dav-resource,
the DefaultHandler takes responsibility, which is able to deal
with nt:file and nt:resource and spools the value of the jcr:data

> Is there a way i can
> modify, say in config.xml by changing the noncollection attributes. 

sure. the only thing you have to make sure is, that a
handler exists that deals with the speciality of your custom
nodetypes. if they extend nt:file or nt:resource that shouldn't
be a problem.
but please note: if you expect a PUT request to create a node
of your-custom-nodetype instead of using nt:file you have to
make sure, that the handler(s) are aware of this. either by providing
your own handler or by providing your own IOManager.

> But again i am adding those node types at startup.

does that make a difference?


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