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From Steven Githens <sgith...@caret.cam.ac.uk>
Subject Re: drawbacks to using custom types?
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 05:35:16 GMT

I've just started looking into these issues in the last week myself.  As 
far as accessing files via WebDAV , you can set a list node types in 
config.xml that should or should not be considered collections, as well 
as namespace that should not show up in WebDAV, and finally you can 
implement a custom filter for more fine grained control. ( These are all 
fairly well documented in the config.xml ).

If you need more control over the nodetypes created when users upload 
files, you can implement a custom IOHandler and/or PropertyHandler to 
register in config.xml.  In your canImport methods you check for the 
file type, and return true if you want to control adding it to the 
repository on the WebDAV operation, making it whatever node type you want.


Sudhan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having same doubts as mentioned in this thread. Initially i was using
> nt:file and nt:unstructured nodes, but due to some requirements I had to
> extend these with my custom types. Now my problem is that how to communicate
> through WebDav. Like i am using DavExplorer and had written python script to
> create nodes and update them aswell.
> Before it used to creates those standard nodes through these tools. But now
> it is not creating custom nodes. Is it something related to collection and
> noncollection defined in config.xml. By the way i am using Jackrabbit
> through RMI.
> So how can I create those custom node types through WebDav.
> appreciate any help.
> thanks,
> Sudhan
> rhodebump wrote:
>> Most of my node types map well to the nt:folder/nt:resource nodetypes,
>> however, there are a few string properties that I need to store.  For
>> example, "displayName" or "description"
>> I understand how I can define these as properties for my custom node
>> types, but if I do, do I lose the ability to manage these nodes from
>> webdav or other interfaces?  
>> Would it be better to define these as properties on my custom nodetype?
>> Or
>> Sould I create a nt:folder and for each of the values that I want to store
>> (description, displayName), I create a nt:file to store this information.
>> Another way of asking the question is, What editing tools to you give up
>> when you go with a custom nodetype, is it better to stick with the base
>> types?
>> Thanks very much.
>> Phillip

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