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From ruchi goel <Ruchi.G...@Sun.COM>
Subject loading javaclasses-node mapping files in multiuser environment
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 11:10:20 GMT
   I am using OCM (jcr-mapping ) to access jackrabbit repository.

To get  persistenceManager , I am doing the following :

Class PMSetUp{

    private static QueryManager queryManager;

    private static Mapper mapper;

    private static AtomicTypeConverterProvider converterProvider;

    private static ObjectConverter objectConverter;

    private static pmIsInitiaized = false;
    public void init(){
        String path =  "." + fs + "config";      
        files[0] = path + fs + "portalCMS_jcrmapping.xml";

        //set up OCM
        mapper = new DigesterMapperImpl(files);
        converterProvider = new DefaultAtomicTypeConverterProvider();
        Map atomicTypeConverters = 
        queryManager = new QueryManagerImpl(mapper, atomicTypeConverters);
        objectConverter = new ObjectConverterImpl(mapper, 
        pmIsInitiaized = true;

     public PersistenceManager getPersistenceManager(HttpRequest 
request) throws CMSException {  
       if (!pmIsInitialized){
          return new PersistenceManagerImpl(mapper, objectConverter, 
queryManager, request.getSession().getAttribute("jcrSession");

 In case of single user environment , the above works fine. My question 
is in case of multiuser environment also, can I have querymanager, 
mapper etc.as static since they are not dependent on user session.


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