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From "Amir Mistric" <amist...@nemours.org>
Subject Xpath case insensitive predicate search...
Date Sun, 13 May 2007 17:45:42 GMT

I am trying to issue a Xpath query that will return all images from a folder.
I am filtering on predicate type='extension' where extension can be jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
The problem is that those extensions can contain any combination of cases (e.g. jpg, Jpg,
JPG, jpG, etc, etc) so I want to make the filter case insensitive.

Rather than using 20+ ORs to match every combination I thought using function would like lower-case
would work better.
Following are the query combinations I tried without success (includes one extension for now)


None of these worked :(

If someone knows how to properly apply the function in a predicate I would be much grateful...

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