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From "Hendrik Beck \(camunda\)" <hendrik.b...@camunda.com>
Subject FW: Web-based JCR Explorer project on SourceForge
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 17:42:28 GMT
Okay, maybe some more information to save time: the download package are the
sources of the project as a Maven project (as well as the SVN checkout). 

A "mvn package" should create a WAR file in the target folder. At the
moment, it bundles all the libraries into the WAR, but by changing the
dependency scopes in pom.xml you should be able to change that if necessary.
Then just deploy that into your container.

The application then expects you to have your repository in JNDI. Just enter
the JNDI name on the login page (login.jsf) and it should run.

Any suggestions or feedback to that are also welcome. I hope, it runs
without problems, otherwise I will be glad to help...


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From: Hendrik Beck (camunda) [mailto:hendrik.beck@camunda.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 12:30 AM
To: users@jackrabbit.apache.org
Subject: Web-based JCR Explorer project on SourceForge


Some weeks ago we decided to put some code we had (for company-internal
tool) into an Open-Source application on SourceForge. It is a web-based JCR
explorer tool that allows users to browse, edit and maintain repository
content via web browser. The project bases on relatively plain JSF and is
developed and tested using Jackrabbit.

It is still in a pretty early stage of development but some functionality is
already there:

- Navigation through nodes
- Edit of content, i.e. adding and removing of nodes and properties, editing
property values etc.
- Import/Export of content
- Queries
- Locking
- Checkout/Checkin
- Displaying general repository information

It all can grow and become more sophisticated (not to mention the UI), but
it might be a start. So if you are interested, just check it out. Feedback,
requests, bugs and all that are very welcome and appreciated, of course. The
project is also meant to be "real" Open-Source, so contributions of all kind
are welcome, also co-developers.

Ok, so far for now, here's the URL: 



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