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From "Pavel Konnikov" <konni...@gmail.com>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 06:59:22 GMT

I have also submit an application on the subject ?jackrabbit-jcr-demo?.

Imho demo-application like blog or wiki are unsuitable. That's the reason:  
just imagine what would gonna be when we first start your blog! An entry  
like "Hello, world!"? Or you run wiki and see an empty toc? Who will be  
interested in that?

I propose to discuss the other idea - testing system. Simplified, of  

This is the short description of domain problem:

The application should allow users to pass the test they have choosen. A  
test includes set of questions, has It's title and contains information  
about their author, publication date and version. Each question contains a  
question text, additional resources (ex. images), fixed mark for correct  
answer and answer variants.
An answer variant contains an answer in the true sence and boolean  
variable - if it's true or false. All resources are simple files.

All tests are organized by exact topics. Each topic contains tests,  
oriented on this topic. Each topic contains references to corresponded  

Also the system has It's users. Each user represents information about his  
login, password and for example full name.

System also has an admin that can add question packages, to form (assamly)  
tests of them, to create new topics and to add tests to different topics.

Find my application on http://konnikov.net/GSoC/2007/jackrabbit-jcr-demo/

Thinking in testing system CND:

<mu = 'http://www.konnikov.net/GSoC/2007/jackrabbit-jcr-demo/0.1'>

[mu:root] > rep:root
   + questions (mu:questions)
   + tests (mu:tests)
   + topics (mu:topics)
   + users (mu:users)

[mu:questions] > nt:folder
   + question (mu:question)
   - author (String)
   - date (Date)

[mu:question] > nt:folder
   + answer (mu:answer)
   + image (nt:file)
   - text (String)
   - weight (Long)

[mu:answer] > nt:resource
   - text (String)
   - isRight (Boolean)

[mu:tests] > nt:folder
   + test (mu:test)

[mu:test] > nt:folder
   + question (mix:referencable)
   - title (String)

[mu:topics] > nt:folder
   + topic (mu:topic)

[mu:topic] > nt:folder
   + test (mix:referencable)
   - theme (String)

[mu:users] > nt:folder
   + user (mu:user)

[mu:user] > nt:resource
   - login (String)
   - password (String)
   - fullName (String)

Best regards. Pavel Konnikov

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