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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Scalability
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 09:17:03 GMT

> What are BundlePersistenceManagers? I could not find ones in source code of
> JR 1.2.3.
Please find the source here:
... and some initial explanations:

> It seems to me that synchronizing repository changes using a network file
> system is not reliable and fast enough. How do you think, could
> this approach be extended so to reuse JBoss/JGroups features of cluster-wide
> object replication, and how difficult this might be? We would probably
> contribute to implement this feature in case it is feasible.
The Journal is fairly abstract and could be implemented over a number
of different mechanisms to notify other nodes in the cluster.
In case that you are already using an RDBMS as your backing store
I would recommend to use a database persisted Journal instead of an
FS backed Journal.
Since this would persist into the same database it would be
considered just as reliable and efficient as the rest of the
persistence layer.

> Another question is in which cases Jackrabbit decides the indices are
> inconsistent and should be rebuilt from the persistance storage? I did not
> noted that this operation is performed every time the server starts. Is this
> operation performed on the whole bunch of data or it can cover a specified
> set of items? Once, my database was purged but local indices remained
> intact, and I always saw warning messages on the console that nodes with
> particular ids were not found. These messages continued to appear even after
> restart of the server unless I deleted the indices too.
The index has to be removed if someone tampered with the backing datastore
of jackrabbit to trigger re-indexing. Generally, I think that
modifying the backing
store directly should probably considered bad practice and should only happen
in exceptional cases.


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