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From Willis Morse <willismo...@mac.com>
Subject Programmatically fixing damaged repositories
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 18:26:55 GMT
I'm looking to embed Jackrabbit inside my standalone desktop app.  
This means it has to be as self-reliant as possible. I'm wondering  
what sort of automated procedures I can incorporate to recover from  
situations where the repository has been corrupted.

So far, the only corruption I've been seen in my large repo tests are  
corrupted index files. It was pretty obvious when this happened  
because of the messages in the stack trace, and I just manually  
deleted the index folder.

But how would I detect this situation programmatically? All I got  
back in this case is a RepositoryException. I'm assuming that any  
number of problems can cause a RepositoryException to be thrown.

I could just programatically delete the index folder whenever I get  
this exception, but that seems extreme. And what other corruptions  
should I be trying to detect and attempting to fix?

Finally, does anyone have any good recipes for causing corruption for  
test purposes?

Willis Morse

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