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From Dan Connelly <daniel.s.conne...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: Using jackrabbit from .NET apps
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2007 22:07:35 GMT
Jackrabbit supports WebDAV (as a Network drive) on Windows using a Java 
web application servlet.    I have found this to be an excellent 
integration strategy for access to Java Content Repository from Windows, 
particularly for integrating Axis SOAP/XML transmissions with Windows 
XML applications (.Net or otherwise).

But, of course, it all depends on what sort of repository your client 
needs to use.   The WebDAV api is not as powerful as the JCR api.

       -- Dan

hanasaki wrote:

>My client uses C#.NET and VB.NET on the client side.  Is there anyway to
>use jackrabbit (JCR) from these languages?  It's either this, a .net cms
>(couldn't find an opensource one), or they need to build their own
>simple version in plain ms-sql tables directly accessed.

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