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From Marcin Nowak <marcin.j.no...@comarch.com>
Subject Re: eXist
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 10:55:33 GMT

FolDeRol wrote:
> Marcin,
> I used to work with eXist 2.5 years ago. JCR and XML:DB concepts are
> actually have some common moments. The reason of eXist's performance 
> is, as
> far as I know, the fact that eXists keeps the whole database as in-memory
> DOM model

I've made some tests and - I'm not sure where DB is being stored.. I did 
the following:

1. Started repository and checked memory usage of it
2. Added 30 MB of XML files
3. Shut down the repository.
4. Started it again and checked memory usage.

It is quite the same as in point 1.

But that is not the point :) anyone have an idea how to configure 
Jackrabbit to perform like eXist?

Marcin Nowak

> and, in addition uses advanced indexes like those that allow quick
> processing of XPath expressions like "/x//y".
> Regards
> On 4/23/07, Marcin Nowak <marcin.j.nowak@comarch.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Recently I've discovered XML database quite similar in general concepts
>> to Jackrabbit, in fact it does not provide versioning and referencing
>> between nodes but it is really fast as I compared it with Jackrabbit,
>> especially in querying and importing nodes, question is why Jackrabbit
>> performs so badly in comparison to eXist?
>> Project webpage:
>> http://exist.sourceforge.net/
>> BR,
>> Marcin Nowak

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