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From Dan Connelly <daniel.s.conne...@comcast.net>
Subject Less shredding. More satisfying.
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 17:33:57 GMT
Suppose I have an xml stream like this:

<transmission id="1234" sender="agent1">
    <document id="blabla-01" >
    <document id="blabla-02">

I want to *import* this xml into JR as something like this:

/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-01/jcr:primaryType = nt:resource
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-01/jcr:encoding = UTF-8
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-01/jcr:encoding = 
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-01/jcr:data = <document 
id="blabla-01" ><foo/><bar/><baz/></document>
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-01/jcr:lastModified = 15Apr2007
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-02/jcr:primaryType = nt:resource
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-02/jcr:encoding = UTF-8
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-02/jcr:encoding = 
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-02/jcr:data = <document 
/gateway/transmissions/agent1/1234/blabla-02/jcr:lastModified = 15Apr2007

for the import, I expect to supply an XPath expression (or an XSLT) in 
order to construct the paths.  (Or, to supply a node type def XML.)

I do not want to write any "code" (such as a SAX handler) specifically 
for this data model.  

Is this supported by JCR?   By Jackrabbit?   By WebDAV tooling that 
constructs an appropriate path?

       -- Dan Connelly

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