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From Phillip Rhodes <spamsu...@rhoderunner.com>
Subject BinaryValue does not get indexed
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 20:11:34 GMT

I am adding BinaryValue properties to my nodes.  It appears that jackrabbit is not indexing
the values of the BinaryValue even if the contents represent a string.  If I add the String
value as a StringValue, the value is indexed and picked up in a contains search.

I have 2 issues with this:

1) String property values have a limit of around 16000 characters because the SimpleDBPersistence
adapter will store the value in a BLOB field.  I get Mysql data truncation errors unless I
chop the data down to 16000 characters.  In addition, I am doubling my space requirements.
 No only do I have to store my binary content, by it's string representation in the node.

2) I use a byte[] array throughout my application has a means to store pdf files, image files,
text files, etc...  It is a "common denominator for all content"  PDF files, image files,
wiki entries, etc...  all can be stored, passed around, retrieved as a byte[] array.  I would
like to figure out how to get jackrabbit to index the byte[] array properly.

3) Not an issue, but a question. How does jackrabbit know that a node is a pdf document? 
It must figure it out somehow because I see that there is support in the SearchIndex to configure
pdf extractions.  Do I add "jcr:mimeType" property of application/pdf to my pdf node and that
will do it?  Will this solve the first 2 issues??

I appreciate your thoughts on this!

My Code:

String contentText= "this is a unique piece of text";
byte[] bytes = contentText.getBytes();
node.setProperty("content", new BinaryValue(bytes));
if (content.length() > 16000) {
	contentText= contentText.substring(0, 16000);					
node.setProperty("worksproperty", new StringValue(contentText));

This is my xpath query:

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