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From Richard Steele <gm...@steelezone.net>
Subject Best practice: use built-in node types or defining my own
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 01:13:41 GMT
I'm trying to get a handle on when it's best to use the built-in node types vs.
creating my own.  Should I consider just the definition of the built-in type and
use it if it's suitable, or should I consider its intended semantics?

For example, nt:folder semantically seems to represent a file system directory.
 If I have a node that's a container of other nodes like it, should I use
nt:folder as its node type?  Or, should I define my own that extends it?  Or,
should I not use nt:folder at all since my node doesn't actually represent a
folder on the file system?


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