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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@day.com>
Subject Re: Full-text Search in several workspaces
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 12:29:43 GMT
hi alexandre,

the workspace should not be regarded as a means of access control.
access control can be applied on an item level, so from an access control
perspective you should be able to keep "secret" information for multiple
parties within the same workspace.
so in general you could have a workspace W with a /samsung and a /motorola
section and apply access control on those folders, which would also be respected
by search or any other repository operation for that matter.

i believe you intuitively wanted to express an extra level of
separation by choosing
an individual workspace per "customer", which i think may be a good
right decision.
is it correct that searching across multiple workspaces or the entire
repository could be viewed as an exceptional case and as more of
an "admin" activity and the normal user would still only search
"their workspace"?


On 3/26/07, Alexandre Martins <alexandremartins@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi David,
> Thanks for your answer.
> My problem is:
> Imagine that each workspace has stored top secret informations, as example,
> one workspace stores "Sansung" files and other workspace stores "Motorolla"
> files. Unfortunately, I canĀ“t put these files in a unique workspace.
> But imagine that some users can access all workspaces (CEO as example),
> then, how can I make a search that return the results from all workspaces?
> After this, sorting by jcr:score (relevancy)...
> its my content model,
> Someone can help me?
> Regards,
> Alexandre Martins
> 2007/3/26, David Nuescheler <david.nuescheler@gmail.com>:
> > hi alexandre,
> >
> > personally i would even go as far as saying that since the scope
> > of search is limited by definition to a "workspace" i would try to
> > avoid searching multiple workspaces.
> > usually, if you need to search multiple (or even "many") workspaces
> > it is an indication that the "workspace" metaphor was used in a
> > suboptimal way in the content model.
> >
> > i would much rather try to aggregate the information that
> > needs to be searched (possibly virtually) in a single workspace
> > that represents the scope of your search.
> > or is there a reason against that?
> >
> > maybe you could explain your content/data model and
> > the reasoning to split things into different workspaces.
> > since "content modelling" with jcr is fairly new for everybody
> > i think it would be interesting to share usecases and discuss them.
> >
> > regards,
> > david
> >
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