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From Maksims Zizkuns <maksims_zizk...@exigengroup.lv>
Subject XPath and Whitespaces
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 10:27:24 GMT

Can somebody explain please: can really Node name contain whitespaces when
querying by XPath?

Here is what I can't understand:

JSR-170 states that:
      1) Part 6.4.3  "Escaping of names": "for document view serialization,
each content repository
                  name is converted to a valid XML name (as defined by XML
                  by translating invalid characters into escaped numeric
entity encodings5."

      2) Part 6.6.1 "XPath over Document View" :  "When an XPath query is
executed, the XPath expression specified is applied to the document view of
the workspace being searched."

      3) Part is an XPath grammar which states that
NameTest is a QName test but QName is referred as one defined on

Now, from my point of view all said above means that non-escaped
whitespaces aren't allowed in a node name in XPath query.

However Jackrabbit TCK test
feels good executing XPath like: /jcr:root/testdata/custom sample nodes

So, the question actually is who is right? TCK or JSR-170
or I missunderstood JSR-170 and there is no contradictions with TCK?

Thank you

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