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From Kim Altintop <kim.altin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Customization of jackrabbit
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:18:43 GMT
Hi Manolo,

that's more or less the same thing we're trying to do.
I'd recommend using one workspace per user, so you won't have
to deal with moving dropped files around. You could also register
an EventListener on the "inbox" that moves files to another
workspace once uploaded by the user (that's what I'm doing, but
all my users will share a common "inbox").

Try replacing "server" with "repository" in your connection URL to
have the repository mount as a "regular" WebDAV resource (assuming
you're using the default Jackrabbit webapp).


On 02.03.2007, at 09:31, Manolo Gomez Lopez wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm wondering if I can make the following modifications to Apache
> jackrabbit or if there is any mechanism inside jackrabbit to get  
> the same
> results.
>   We want to use jackrabbit to store user's documents in a
> per-document-type inbox/outbox pattern ( just like the organization  
> of a MUA
> ), maybe using a workspace per user?.
>   Want we would like to accomplish is to let our users access their
> workspace in jackrabbit via webdav, we would like to have our users  
> mount
> our webdav remote server using a personalized subdomain, something  
> like:
> http://oneuser.store.ourapp.com and get jackrabbit expose to the  
> user only
> its workspace. What would be the correct approach to solve this  
> problem?
>    - Build a new webdav servlet that is aware of the user that is  
> accessing
> its files and have it access only the branch of its workspace?
>    - Modify current webdav servlet?
>   By the way, and sorry about my lack of knowledge of jackrabbit
> architecture, with an unmodified version of jackrabbit, if someone  
> uses
> http://server:8080/jackrabbit/server/default mount it as a webdav  
> resource,
> what one's get is a bunch of what it seems to be internal files and  
> folders
> of jackrabbit, something like jcr:root, jcr:system, jcr:nodeTypes  
> and so
> on...
>    Is there any way of showing the repository of a user as the usual
> folder/archive windows paradigm?
> Greets,

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