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From "Nandana Mihindukulasooriya" <nandana....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to start thinking in JCR
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 03:23:43 GMT

On 3/24/07, Brian Thompson <elephantium@gmail.com> wrote:
> Comments interleaved below:
> Oh, one other thing:  In your model, do you ever expect the same image
> to be attached to multiple BlogEntries?

Nope,  Same image will not be attached to multiple Blog Entires. But if it
is the case, as I understood I should use property of reference type in the
blog entry which references to a image attachment. Is that the way to handle
it ?

> I went through the Node Type sections of the Jackrabbit site and also 6.7Node Types of
the JSR 170 specification. As I understood,

A node type defines the  Child nodes and properties it may ( or must ) have.

Primary node type must be subtype of either primary or a mixin type and
mixin type may have a super type and it is not a must.

I have few questions and some of them may be obsolete. But I listed them
down as it is always better have a discussion and get things clarified.

1.) In naming node types and properties, do we follow the naming conventions
used in Java ?
Eg. myFristType

2.) What is purpose mixin node type ?  Purpose of primary node is to define
the structure of the node as I understood. What is the advantage of adding
some properties or child nodes  via mixin types to a node ?

3.) What is the purpose of primary item of a node type?

4.) In a property definition, in Required Type, what does NAME, PATH types
mean ?

5.) Is int supported as a property type ? It is not listed under  the
property_type in the grammer.

6.) How to we constraint a property of a node to be unique ( like a primary
key in RDBMS ) ?

As you proposed, if we change the hierarchy like this,

                - Users
                         -  Year
                                  - Month

      - Date

             -  Blog Entry

                       -  Comment

                       -  Rate

                       -  Image Attachment

In CND notation,

<blog = 'http://jackrabbit.apache.org/jackrabbit-jcr-demo/1.0'>

<mix = 'http://www.jcp.org/jcr/mix/1.0'>

[blog:user] > mix:referenceable

-          blog:userID   (long) mandatory

-          blog:nickName  (string) mandatory

-          blog:email  (string) mandatory

-          blog:password (string) mandatory

+ blog:year  [blog:year] multiple


-          blog:year  (long) mandatory

+   blog:month  [blog:month] multiple


-          blog:date (date)

+  blog:blogEntry [blog:blogEntry] multiple


-          blog:blogEntryID (long) mandatory

-          blog:content (string) mandatory

-          blog:image (binay) multiple

-          blog:rate (long)

-          blog:dateCreated (date) mandatory

+    blog:comment [blog:comment] multiple


-          blog:commentID (long) mandatory

-          commenterID (reference) mandatory  < blog:user

-          blog:content (string) mandatory

-          blog:dateCreated (date) mandatory

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