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From "Michael Neale" <michael.ne...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Query Performance and Optimization
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 07:33:02 GMT
Hi Marcel - yes it would be interesting - I guess to get the most out of it,
the node type definitions would have to come into play to generate DDL for
the database - so the node type definitions will map to a more "tuned"
database schema - of course some concepts may not work that way, like
hierarchies, or "nt:unstructured" in which case it would need to use the
current style.

As for fulltext - database support varies with each vendor, so I would
hazard a guess that lucene would still need to be part of it (that is the
approach that the newer versions of hibernate have taken - take full text
out of the hands of the database).

The DDL generation kind of scares me, in terms of complexity, but I think
its necessary to let RDBMS "do its thing" so to speak?
ORM tools can certainly help here - can avoid programmatically generating
DDL by instead generating a meta model that ORM tools work off - just a
thought (let the ORMs generate DB specific schemas).

I know RDBMS are a proven way to scale up - but as for content, I am a
novice, so I am happy to follow the lead of those in the know in how best to
help jackrabbit scale. So far I have not been that "whelmed" by the query
performance - I am using the SQL dialect cause its familiar, but I think its
familiarity makes me want to do things that it is perhaps not optimised for,
maybe that is my problem.

I should and will join the dev list, so as to not pollute the user list with
ponderings over jackrabbit internals ;)



On 3/6/07, Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reutegger@gmx.net> wrote:
> Michael Neale wrote:
> > I know from previous discussions that it is a design decision of
> Jackrabbit
> > to not exlcusively work with RDBMS - if it was, I would be all in favour
> of
> > leaning on it to do the hardwork.
> please note that it is possible to exclusively use an RDBMS for storing
> and
> querying content, though you have to create your own persistence manager
> and
> query handler. the jackrabbit core does not force you to separate the
> store and
> the index.
> but you are right that it was a design decision to allow separation if you
> want
> to. because jackrabbit initially only had plain file based persistence
> managers
> and because lucene provides very good fulltext indexing we decided to go
> with
> lucene.
> coming back to the RDBMS only approach. you would have to implement a
> persistence manager that stores nodes and properties in a way that allows
> the
> database to use its indexes. then create a query handler that translates
> an
> abstract query tree into a SQL statement based on the database schema.
> there are some obstacles you will have to overcome (or actually the
> database):
> 1) handle node hierarchies (e.g. get all ancestors of a certain node)
> 2) provide fulltext indexing
> I think this would be a very useful extension for jackrabbit. so, if
> anyone is
> interested in implementing this, I'm very curious how well it performs
> compared
> to the current implementation using lucene.
> regards
>   marcel

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