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From Kim Altintop <kim.altin...@gmail.com>
Subject EventListener gets empty jcr:data
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 10:54:56 GMT

I'm trying to implement a simple "Drop Folder" setup where users would 
connect to one Jackrabbit workspace using (simple) WebDAV, drop files 
in there, and an EventListener listening for NODE_ADDED events 
(restricted to "nt:file") would then copy the file(s) to another 
workspace. As it turned out, the EventListener is able to locate the 
just-dropped file and read its properties but the jcr:data property is 
always empty (i.e. contains no data). If I change my listener to 
implement SynchronousEventListener it works fine. However, from the 
spec I would expect it to work just the other way round...

Am I getting something wrong here?


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