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From "David Nuescheler" <david.nuesche...@day.com>
Subject Re: Graphviz Tool: No CND input files?
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 13:25:43 GMT
Hi Wolf,

> > As mentioned above, feel free to use the system view as pointed
> > out by Jukka.
> -- I'm not sure I get what you mean here. How does this help me to
> edit a Node Defs in a easy(validated correctness and autocompletioned)
> way?
I think you are looking for tooling really. Maybe something along the lines of
http://jsr170tools.day.com/crx/nodetypes/index.jsp might help you.

> > I think I slowly get the feeling that you have not been exposed to the JCR spec
> > yet.
> -- Oh I haven't. That's true. Should I? If that's a requirement for
> anyone to start with JCR, I'm afraid the treshhold is really pushed
> quite high.
Well, it is a requirement developers have an understanding of
the API that they are using. Now, if you get that knowledge through
going through a training, by reading a book (which does not
exist for JCR yet) or by reading the spec is up to you.

I think it is to be expected that the number of educational options
are more limited for new technologies, but will grow over time.
The reason why is mention the spec is because it is available
from the very beginning.

> We all have so little time. This is smth new. New stuff often starts
> after the hours, by a few crazy volunteers, and with a lot of
> goodwill. A helpful website to get you really started well with the
> basics explained like Node Defs + some tools around that, seems a
> current void. I'm not saying the JR site is not helpful.
...and I am not saying that it is perfect. I guess that's the beauty of
a community open source project. As Jukka put it: Contributions
(also to the documentation and the website) are always welcome.

> Truth be told, it would also be the first time in 15 yrs I would
> actually have to read the spec itself to get to the info I need.
I think this is a very interesting statement and I think it might
have something to do with the fact that you usually start to work
with technologies relatively late in their evolutionary stages,
when tooling and tutorials already exist to their full extent.

Early on in the process, there is nothing but the spec. Tools and
tutorials always come later. I am thrilled to see that Jackrabbit and
JCR continues to evolve and attracts more than "just early adopters".

I think we are in agreement that tutorial style documentation and
tooling is very important to the growth JCR and Jackrabbit to become

> I hope rather sooner than later someone is sponsored to write a decent
> book on the topic. With lots of examples.
> Anyone know of someone being in the process of such an effort? (book)
We are working on a JCR book but the more the merrier. Feel free to
make your voice heard to the "publishers" ;)

> -- Having one that works fine will do. From a user's prespective, I
> care less on the "how" part. Our business is not JCR but the business
> we build with it :-) (sounded harsh so I added a smiley :-)
I think that's a great quote. It really stresses the "intrastructure" direction
that JCR should be taking.

> > We are in good company to encounter that the XML notations yield
> > undesirable results.
> > Even at the heart of the XML community people are
> > not (only) using XML, take RelaxNG [2], XQuery or XPath for that matter.
> -- There exist tools to help you with those. Not for CND. (at least
> not that I know of, in eclipse)
You may be interested in http://www.day.com/eclipse/
Work in progress though, but it may show to you that we are on the
same page, it is just about timing, I guess.


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