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From Wolf Benz <euroj...@gmail.com>
Subject Namespaces - questions
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 20:33:49 GMT
Hi List,

I have 2 questions regarding namespaces:

1/ What is the meaning/effect of these variables:

The Javadoc seems to be left blanc for these...

&  I keep getting errors w.r.t. namespaces:
I try to register a namespace, but I got and error when running the  
application a second time (name space already exists)
+ when forceNamespacesRegistration is true I got 'unregistering  
namespaces is not supported.'

--> Does this mean even in JR 1.2.2 namespaces are not fully  
supported? (...)
(hope it will probabely be smth else - NS are such key piece of a JCR  
this seems unlikely)
Do these vars actually do what they are meant to do?

2/ Most importantly:
How does one get to register the custom nodes that go with these  
Does it suffice to place the CND-file in the /respository/namepsaces  
directory, or should it be in the specific WS directory /workspaces/ 
myWS/myProjectNamespaces/ (bot defined in the repository.xml)

Or do they really have to be digged up from where ever you put the  
cnd file and are these 2 locations mere preferred locations? (like  
the code example on the JR site)
If so, I can't image that this needs to be done at every single  
getSession - what's the best place to do it once? I'm having a "best  
place-when best" problem with this. Apparently a NS is registered  
from the WS, which you get from the Session. I find this strange. I  
rather see it as tied to a Repository. So I would have expected it in  
the repository configuration.

Sorry or all the questions... (I hope everyone has these issues)

Ps2 Is this sort of stuff addressed in JSR-283 as well?
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