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From "Tobias Bocanegra" <tobias.bocane...@day.com>
Subject Re: Namespaces - questions
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:23:45 GMT
hi all,

> 1/ It seems though, that the JR impl takes the spec a bit loosely...
> if you read source like these 2 snippets:
not at all.
nodetype administration is left out in the spec at all, so JR can't
take it loosely :-).

and it also states:
  "An implementation may prevent the unregistering of any other
namespace for implementation-specific reasons by throwing a

> 2/ Apart from that: what would then be the preferred place to put a
> custom CND file?
> In /workspaces/myworkspace/nodetypes  ?

i think, the big problem when developing with JR is to manage the nodetypes.
before we had the CND, you had to modify the custom nodetype.xml by
hand. of course you can use the CND importer now, but it would be very
handy, if the custom nodetypes would be written/read as CND as well.
thats what the issue JCR-771 is about.

> 3/ In reaction to text below from previous mail: the question was not
> why we had to write
> s.getRootNode().getNode("myapp:someNode"); // i.e. with the inclusion
> of the NS (I do get the concept of NSes :-)
> ... but why the prior and explicit need for a second
> "s.setNamespacePrefix("myapp", "http://your.com/ns/1");"
> as it is already registered at that point. (Is it really necessary
> within one app - fail to see why)

for clarification: if the namespace is registered globally with the
desired prefix, you don't need to map it again in the session. only if
you want to use another prefix.

regards, toby
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