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From "Wolf Benz" <euroj...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Graphviz Tool: No CND input files?
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 10:25:46 GMT
> The visualization tool actually works on the system view export of
> /jcr:system/jcr:nodeTypes instead of CND, XSD, or the XML nodetype
> notation.

-- I read that, but failed to understand what it meant. What is meant
with a "system view export" ? I'd love a more elaborated explanantion
on the website. I guess if I don't know what it means, a lot other
newies won't get it either.

> Your point about CND vs. XSD or another XML notation for nodetypes has
> some merit, but in practice the CND notation is much more consise and
> readable.

-- No argument there. Yet, being a JCR-beginner, I care more about the
correctness of my node defs than I care about it being more concise.
And with this, the XML helps twofold as it also is more verbose. If
only because it tells you what is inside. (e.g. <supertypes> ... </>

I'm afdraid to speed up JCR-adoption, this CND thing is a historic
mistake. Look at what we have now:

- We are somehow told to use a cnd file. Yet no way to validate it.
The conversion tools to/from XML are not complete.

- Autocompletion/showing existing options go through the window. E.g.
what possibilities has jrc:xxx ?  I found some, scattered at various
places, like jrc:encoding etc. But even on the JR site nobody bothered
to put them together. Same for the other build-in names. (nt, mix, )
An XSD solves this out of the box.

- XML is not bad. I think with XML AND smart defaulting we would get
very far, also wrt conciseness. And... we'd use a format the rest of
the industry uses. (You think Spring would have gotten this far had
tthey used a special .sprg file?)

- Image the existing XML toolset. Graphviz is just one example but
there many. For CND this community will have to build their own
ecosystem around their own format.

- Coming out WITH a diffferent format yet WITHOUT a tool to work with
it (in particular, like an eclipse plugin!) is like giving a car
without the gaz. Where's the fun?

All this smells like reinventing the wheel for the sake of
conciseness. That's a very high price tag. Unless you're very familiar
with the format, is it really worth it?


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