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From Brian Thompson <elephant...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: workspace.clone()
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 14:01:43 GMT
I'm accessing the repository locally, configured via Spring Modules.

I did some more tinkering and found that the nodes in WS1 and WS2 had 
the same UUID as the previous test run of creating the node in Default.

Separating the two actions into two transactions solved the problem.  It 
would seem that a new node needs to be persisted before you can clone it 
to other workspaces.

This quirk could be an artifact of my use of Spring Modules to configure 


Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
> hi brian,
> On 2/5/07, Brian Thompson <elephantium@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to work with multiple workspaces in my repository, one 
>> workspace
>> for each language that the application will support.  To create nodes, 
>> I'm
>> doing
>> //default workspace
>> parentNode.addNode("company", "my:Type");
>> //log in to first workspace
>> ws1.clone("default", "/company", "/company", true);
>> //log in to second workspace
>> ws2.clone("default", "/company", "/company", true);
>> default: company UUID:  1234-5678
>> ws1:     company UUID:  2468-2468
>> ws2:     company UUID:  2468-2468
>> According to the javadocs, clone doesn't assign new UUIDs.  However, 
>> when I
>> look up the properties on these nodes, I find that the node in the 
>> default
>> workspace has one UUID, and the nodes in the other workspaces has a
>> different UUID!
> very strange indeed! the only explanation i can currently think of is 
> that your
> node type my:Type does not include mix:referenceable. but that wouldn't
> explain why the corresponding nodes in ws1 & ws2 share the same UUID...
> how do you access the repository? locally, using RMI or through JCA?
> i quickly tested with jackrabbit running locally, i wasn't able
> to reproduce the issue, i.e. all 3 nodes shared the same
> as you seem to be able to reproduce the issue, please create a jira
> issue and ideally provide a small test case that demonstrates the problem.
> thanks
> stefan

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