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From "Pruitt, Steve" <SPru...@exstream.com>
Subject Session and server state
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 14:27:39 GMT
I am interested in managing server state in regards to repository
sessions.  Specifically, the scenario of a load balancer distributing
user requests across multiple servers.  There are a number of questions
that come to mind and I was wondering how others have approached the

In no particular order...

1) To avoid recreating a new session per user request, the repository
session can be cached until the user "logs off".

2) Or, if session creation is not expensive then maybe the session is
committed and then destroyed per user request?

3) If the session is persisted across user requests, how can the session
be serialized to sync up the other servers.

4) Or, the session cannot be serialized and server affinity must be

There may be other and obvious issues, but these are forefront for me.
Any comments and ideas are appreciated.


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