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From "Shaun Barriball" <sbarr...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Assigning unique identifiers with JackRabbit
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:40:38 GMT
Hi all,
We're using a combination of:

[acme:Sequence] > mix:Lockable 
	- acme:value (long) = '1' autocreated mandatory COPY 
...and a variation on the org.apache.jackrabbit.util.Locked utility we're
able to allocate unique Ids to certain classes of nodes (the native UUID is
too long to be used in our application). The "custom_id" field on the nodes
is mandatory so needs to be assigned before save.

2 questions:

 1) How best to trigger the assignment of the "custom_id" prior to save - I
presume using an EventListener NODE_ADDED is best? 

 2) Any comments on how best to handle this where items are imported? Do we
need to wrap the import in a custom utility to re-assign the 'custom_id'?
E.g. items could be imported with conflicting custom_id values.


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