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From "dan" <danz8...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: RowIterator loop is slow?
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 14:54:10 GMT
Thanks Marcel,

> if your query does not have an 'order by' clause AND the query handler 
> configuration uses the default value for the
> 'respectDocumentOrder' parameter. In that case there is a post processing
> in the query result which orders the result nodes in document order.

That explains why it was slow for me - I have "order by @my:propname" in the
query, although I've already set "respectDocumentOrder" to false.

Now I feel somewhat agree with the idea in theads a few days back, about
"expanding RDB schema" and "if using RDB repository, let RDB do all

IMO, "order by NOT_JUST_jcr:score" is very common use case. The way that
retrieving all nodes from multiple BLOBs into Java objects and then do Java
sorting, won't have any performance advantage over that allowing RDB to
handle everything in one shot. 
Also, many RDB products now have full-text search capability, although they
may not be as great as Lucene. When considering the 'over-all' performance,
it might be legitimate to think about a "RDB oriented search/query

Of course, that may fall beyond the scope of Jacarabbit, as a reference impl
of JCR.

Thanks again & 
Best regards,

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