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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: RowIterator loop is slow?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 09:58:44 GMT
dan wrote:
> In my case, my:document nodes refer to MULTIPLE "categories". I need to
> support queries that say: 
> //element(*, my:document)
> [ (jcr:deref(@my:cat1Ref, 'cat1Entry'))    
>        (--- the document must refer to at least one of the 'category1'
>             entries)
>   And (jcr:deref(@my:cat2Ref, 'cat2Entry')/@my:text = 'cat2_Entry_2')
>        (--- the document must also refer to category2 entry, named
>             "cat2_entry_2")
>   And (jcr:deref(@my:cat3Ref, 'cat3Entry')/@my:text = 'cat3_Entry_x')
>        (--- the document must also refer to category3 entry, named
>             "cat3_entry_x")
> ]/jcr:deref(@my:cat1Ref, 'cat1Entry')/@my:text order by @my:text
> Due to the query limitations, I had to gather all document nodes and
> manually compile the list of referenced category entries.
> Would you advise on some other approaches? 

I'm not sure I understand your requirements correctly. I would simplify the 
query by not using the jcr:deref() in the predicate (well, you can't anyway, 
because it's not supported) but replace it with the uuid of the referenced 
category. I assume that jcr:deref(@my:cat3Ref, 'cat3Entry')/@my:text = 
'cat3_Entry_x' can be easily replaced because it points to a well known node or 
at least limited set of nodes?

I'm also a bit confused whether you are finally interested in documents or 
categories. The SQL query you posted earlier indicates that you are interested 
in documents, but the above XPath query indicates that you are interested in the 
referenced category text.


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